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What Is Bi-Tastic

Bi-Tastic is a weekly event for Bi men & women to meet other like minded adults in a safe and clean environment.

When & where is it held

Every Tuesday from 10.00am  - Midnight at The Greenhouse Luton, 23 Crawley Road, Luton, Beds, LU1-1HX .

Who can attend

Bi sexual men & women, gay men, Trans and Straight men & women   you just need to be bi-friendly, comfortable in a bisexual environment and appreciate that this club has been set up primarily for bisexuals.

We do I store my stuff

We supply secure lockers, and we even have mini smoking lockers of the terrace for you cigarettes. 
Is there accommodation near by 

There is a Hotel located at the venue, plus plenty of other hotels is easy walking distance from the venue. 

Is it easy to find

Yes the sauna is located just on the outskirts of the town centre, and is 5-10 mins from the motorway jc 10/11, and 5 mins walk from the train station.

Do I need to be a member

Yes you do need to be a member to use the club, membership is just £1. ( you will need Photo ID to join )

Can I smoke

Yes we have a heated smoking terrace on first floor.

What do I wear

We supply towels as it is a sauna, but women are welcome to wear sexy lingerie/dress.

men can wear sexy underwear/Speedos, sorry no shorts, you can walk around naked if you wish but we ask you to cover up in the cafe bar.

Can I Bring Alcohol

No sorry you cannot bring your own alcohol, as we are fully licensed to sell it.

Do I need to bring my own condoms/lube

No we supply them, but your more than welcome to bring your own,also we do have a wide selection of lubes for sale.

Do you provide toiletries

Yes we supply shower gels, moisturiser, deodorant, hair gel,hair dryer, but you are more than welcome to bring your own.  

 I’m new to this kind of thing

We have all got to start somewhere, have a good look around and chat to a few people, don’t just expect to jump in with a couple they need to be Respected, wait till your asked to join in as some couples just like to be watched, it is down to common sense and sexual attraction.
plus NO means NO.  

What happens if I get hard in public

It is a natural make up of a man to get aroused when they are sexual stimulated, same as a women gets aroused just go with the flow.

Can I bring toys and implements?

Of course, but the health and safety aspects of toys and toy sharing is your responsibility.

Can I get tied up or tie someone up

Yes you can we have a fully equip fetish area with slings, St Andrews cross, kneeling bench,sitting cross, dog cage, water sports area, but please get Permission from the consenting party/parties and work out a safe word, you can bring you own whips,chains, ropes as we don’t supply them.

Can we do drugs

No you cannot take illegal drugs on the premise if caught you will be barred, we do sell aromas and a selection of herbal viagra.

Is there porn showing

Yes we have a cinema and the private rooms have screens in as well.