with the governments recent announcement we have decided to open Bitastic on Friday 23rd July, we will require either a negative test registered on the NHS website(within a 24hr window ) or a full vaccination passport as per government guidelines to gain entrance to Bitastic. Without this you will not be able entrance, this is for your safety and our staffs. we look forward to welcoming you back safely  

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Oasis of pleasure in a hectic word ....

Bitastic Club

Friday 23rd July 20.00 - 04.00

Home testing kit / walking test centre, the negative test result need to be registred on NHS website, you will receive a confirmation text or email which is dated (24hr window)

If you are looking to meet other like-minded couples and singles, then Bitastic Club is the place for you...


​What we will not do 

Vaccination Passport, this can be the NHS App / vaccination card ( last vaccine must have been done 2 weeks+ prior to your visit)

the Official Government vaccination paper work ( Scotland, Wales, NI ) and we do accept the EU vaccination passport    

Is supply you with a clean modern venue with plenty of space and areas to meet and play with people.
Answer questions on swinging sites about the venue.
Provide a attitude free environment and a enjoyable experience so your left wanting more.

+44.1582 487701  •  Get Directions

People around the world have practiced Swinging for thousands of years, and millions of People currently enjoy its benefits of a healthy and happy relationship .

come and meet new & old friends and have a drink and let all your cares and worries disappear. 


Swinging has just got sexy

We do not message people on swinging sites advertise meets, individuals may messages you to arrange a meet at Bitastic.
We do not barred people online from attending the Venue, you can only get barred from the venue Itself  if you breaks the rules.

We will not verify profiles on swinging site unless we have meet you in person.

We do not share info with 3rd parties.

What we will do 

email us :  luton@gay-sauna.com

please add bitastic to the header 


You don't need to be bi-sexual to attend, but you must be bi friendly or curious to attend  


Tips for online swinging 

You Can Live an Extraordinary Life

Every Friday 20.00 - 04.00

If you get a message on a swinging site about a meet
1)    Check when they join the site.
2)    See if they have been verified.
3)    Check the verifications are real ( date they joined and how many meets )
4)    Don’t verify them  if you not meet up.
5)    Double check on the day the meet is still on. 

6)    As sadly there are people that think its funny to post fake profiles and meets, please don't get caught out